Horsethief Falls

Horsethief Falls

The Story Behind Horsethief Falls: A Hidden Gem in Colorado

If you are looking for a scenic and relaxing hike in Colorado, you might want to check out Horsethief Falls. This waterfall is located near Cripple Creek, on the west side of Pikes Peak. It is a short and easy hike, about 2.6 miles round trip, that takes you through a beautiful forest along a creek. The waterfall is especially stunning in the spring and summer, when it is fed by the snowmelt from the mountains.

But did you know that Horsethief Falls has a fascinating history behind its name? As you might have guessed, it has something to do with horses and thieves. In fact, this area was once a notorious hideout for outlaws, bandits, and rustlers who stole horses and cattle from nearby ranches and towns. They would use the secluded valley and the dense forest to evade the law and stash their loot.

One of the most famous outlaws who frequented this area was Butch Cassidy, the leader of the Wild Bunch gang. He and his partner, the Sundance Kid, were known for robbing banks, trains, and stagecoaches across the West. They would often escape to Horsethief Park, where they had a cabin and a corral for their stolen horses. They also had a secret tunnel that connected their cabin to the other side of the mountain, where they could make a quick getaway.

Another famous visitor to this area was John Wesley Powell, the explorer and geologist who led the first expedition down the Grand Canyon. He came to Horsethief Park in 1868, as part of his survey of the Rocky Mountains. He was fascinated by the geology and the wildlife of the area, and he also befriended some of the local outlaws. He even named one of the peaks in the area after Butch Cassidy.

Today, Horsethief Park is a peaceful and scenic place, where you can enjoy nature and history. You can hike to Horsethief Falls, or continue to Pancake Rocks, a rock formation that looks like a stack of pancakes. You can also visit the remains of Butch Cassidy’s cabin and corral, and see if you can find the secret tunnel.

Horsethief Falls is a hidden gem in Colorado, that offers more than just a waterfall. It is a place where you can experience the beauty and the adventure of the Wild West. You will surely have a memorable and enjoyable time at this trail. 🐎

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