Rita the Rock Planter

Rita the Rock Planter

Rita the Rock Planter is a giant wooden sculpture located in Victor, Colorado. The sculpture was created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo out of recycled junk. Rita is posed on her knees, filling in the holes left by careless miners.

Rita is the second giant wood troll sculpture created by Thomas Dambo in Colorado. She can be found near an old 19th-century gold mine between Victor and Cripple Creek. According to the sculptor, the kindly troll noticed all of the holes in the ground and worried about humans or small creatures falling into them.

The sculpture was constructed over eight days with the help of around 50 volunteers and a whole lot of wood from old pallets, now given a new purpose. Rita is made entirely of recycled wood, which is a valuable lesson for all of us to understand that something made of something old can be exactly as good as something made of something new, especially made with your own hands.

In conclusion, Rita the Rock Planter is a wonderful piece of art that provides visitors with a chance to escape from the craziness of daily life and experience the beauty of the Colorado mountains. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by and taking a look at this amazing sculpture.


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