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Welcome to our Freya Tent/Yurt.  The perfect escape to reconnect with nature in luxury.  You will be on top of the mountain with 360 degrees of incredible views with 40 acres to hike and explore.  You can wake to breathtaking views of Pikes Peak, pine trees and aspen groves throughout the land.  The tent is sitting on a platform with steps.

We have decorated this 16 foot canvas bell tent in a Viking theme to add to your enjoyment including reindeer fur bed throw on top of the quilt.  Your tent comes equipped with a firepit outside and an indoor camp stove for cooking and heating the tent when it is cold.  We provide all the luxuries including a Queen size bed with quilts, extra blankets, pillows, all handmade Aspen furniture (all handmade by me), dishes, pots, pans, silverware, utensils, coffee pot and cups along with coffee.  We provide towels, extra blankets, drinking water and water to wash outside.  We have a Viking table with floor cushion seating.

The aspen log bathroom includes a composting toilet (cleaned and sanitized each day) and a sink with running water. 

You will be able to escape from it all and truly enjoy nature at its best.  We have mule deer, black squirrels, chipmunks, red foxes, coyotes, cotton tail rabbits, elk, eagles, hawks, stellar jays, bluebirds, black bear and more. 

We provide firewood, water, solar lanterns, solar lighting, soap, aspen and pine camping benches and chairs, campfire grill, axe, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, coffee and tea, towels, and all the necessities needed.

You will be able to park a quarter mile away from your tent.  It is a moderate sloped hike and we are at 9000 feet altitude.  There is a solar lighted path from the parking area to your tent and also to the restroom.

It is less than a five minute walk back to your car, and a 5 minute drive to the town, but we are on a remote mountain and you will feel like you are on top of the world all alone with nature.

Please pack in your food (keep stored in a sealed ice chest) and beverages.  If you need assistance bring anything down to your tent site, please let us know and we will assist.

Pets welcome, but please keep them on a leash when outside at all times because of the wildlife.  We have great cell reception here and will provide a solar power strip for charging your devices if needed.




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